most of this stuff takes two hands

Last time I was here, the turlet was suspended from a deck beam by a bar clamp and lifting strap and I’m sure you all have been waiting with eager anticipation to find out if it ever got fixed. Happily, it did:

Our friend Val is designing a mosaic for the countertop. A new bureau will be built once that piece is available for installation, but otherwise this head is fully functional. Yay.

Meanwhile, I painted the aft cabin chinese-box-red to match the sink I bought last summer and Daniel built a stand for it.

And since we were on a roll, we finished tiling the galley with the tile I bought when I bought the sink.Creature comforts all. But the prologue to a much more interesting story

The snows of winter

As I write the temperature is warming, the snow is melting and big thumps of snow are falling out of the rig on to the deck. This is the snow that wasn’t, then was, then wasn’t then maybe was but not today maybe tomorrow, and finally was 4 hours late and 2 inches more than they thought. It did however bring a peaceful quite to Ballard and Ariel’s new home. I a very impressed and grateful for our little wood stove, and happy that I planned ahead and cut up some more fire wood over the weekend. They say it will be all melted by morning, or they did at some point tonight. redacting my previous statement it is snowing like mad so tomorrow is anyone’s guess. Pictures of the boat and ballard to follow.