Trip log: Blake Island

Lovely sail in breezy weather in the dark to Blake. Chloe came with us, which is a heck of a lot of fun. Marina at state park was full, so Daniel careful did a donut in the fairway and back out we went. Wind from the north, so we tucked into the southwest cove to anchor. Surprise! So did at least a dozen other boats. We picked a spot as near as we dared and set anchor. 80 feet with 10 knots of wind and a good current running? We put out all 250 feet of chain and set the alarm. Unfortunately, in those conditions, our alarm drift was 90 ft and our swing was 100. It was a long night…


It took months of patiently but methodically visiting the clearance and second-hand racks, but I finally have a full set of heavy foul-weather gear.

On the one hand, yay I’m dry.
On the other hand, drat I didn’t think I’d be needing these in late July.