Trip log: Cold away beats cold at home

We haven’t really had AV out much in the last couple of months. The holidays, socializing, other projects…there isn’t enough time to do everything I want to. But a long weekend it irresistable, no? So after a double shift on Friday, we spent all day Saturday getting the boat ready to go (bolt down the new stoves, re-build the navigation station, finally install that replacement transducer, and get all this extra stuff off the boat). Sweet baby Jesus, the entropy! Sunday morning we got up and it was sleeting. And in the 30’s. And we still weren’t ready to go. Noon came and went. But…But…But…

Oh, let’s just go!

Critical systems assured and most of the mess lashed down, we left the dock, headed through the locks and out into the salt water. Right into the teeth of a snow-squall. I still thank my lucky stars I have good foul-weather gear and a new appreciation for wrap-around sunglasses. It was windy and cold and the visibility was bad and the snow stings your eyes. But soon the sky lightened, we were past the shipping lanes (thank you Seattle VTS!) and making the turn into Agate Pass. As the sun sank, the water and wind grew quiet and we enjoyed a slow, snowy glide into l’heure bleue.

Agate Pass after the storm