Ariel of Victoria

Ariel of Victoria is a wood-hulled ketch built of Alaskan Yellow and Western Red cedars. Built by Ron Hunt on Vancouver Island, BC and launched in 1980, we are its third owners and have undertaken a significant restoration and modernization. Our homeport is Seattle (making her actually, the Ariel of Victoria, of Seattle).

Important vessel stats:

  • Length: Overall–58 ft, On deck–46 ft
  • Displacement: 17.18 rt
  • Hull: Alaskan Yellow Cedar/Douglas Fir
  • Deck: Western Red Cedar
  • Miles of Re-corking done the first year: 1.35
  • Board Feet of lumber installed in the first year: 1500
  • Rig: Ketch
  • Trips to emergency room since purchase: 1
  • Trips to the chiropractor: 50

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